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grammatical word: get (part two)

Today, I want to continue with the verb “get”, and write about more of its many meanings.

8. to catch a minor illness such as a cold or the flu. For example:

I got a cold yesterday, so I’m not going to work today.

Many people are getting the flu these days. I hope I don’t get it too.

9. to retrieve something for another person. For example:

Can you get my sweater for me? It’s in the bedroom.

My son forgot his backpack at school, so I have to go and get it now.

10. to receive a punishment in a court of law. For example:

The man who killed his wife got the death penalty.

My neighbor was selling drugs. He got one year in prison for it.

11. to be able to hear something. For example:

I’m sorry, but I didn’t get your name because it’s so noisy in here. What is it again?

I got the man’s first name, but I didn’t get his last name. He was speaking so softly.

12. to cause something to be in a different condition. For example:

We have to get the apartment clean before the guests come over.

The children were playing in the mud and got their clothes all dirty.

13. to arrange for another person to do something for you. For example:

I’ll get my wife to buy some wine before she comes home.

I’ll get my secretary to send the package to you later today.

14. to affect someone emotionally. For example:

I don’t usually cry at movies, but that particular movie really got me.

It really gets me when I see my husband holding our new baby. He looks so proud!

15. for someone or something to start to become in a certain condition. For example:

It’s getting really cold these days. I need to buy a warmer coat.

I’m getting really angry with my boss! Lately he’s been making me work overtime and doesn’t even say thank you!

As I mentioned last week, I think the best way to learn words such as “get” is to focus on the sentences. You should memorize the full sentence and then change the small details. In this way, you can learn how to speak naturally.

Next week, I’ll continue with more ways to use “get”.

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