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adjective: conceited

The adjective for this week is “conceited”. It’s a word we use to describe people who are too proud of themselves because of being good-looking or because of some accomplishment. This word is always negative. For example:

Karen is very pretty, but she’s so conceited about it! She thinks she’s so much better than other people!

Ever since Dan got that big promotion he’s become so conceited! I don’t like him anymore.

I really like Meryl Streep. She’s considered one of the best actresses of all time, but she doesn’t seem conceited about it.

My daughter is dating a conceited jerk right now. I hope it doesn’t become serious.

If you’re not sure, the word “jerk” in the last example means a person, usually a man, who is rude and unkind. In my third example about Meryl Streep, I said “she doesn’t seem conceited”. In this case, I used the word “seem” because I don’t know her personally; I only know her from watching interviews on TV. If I know her personally and I know it’s true, then I would say “she isn’t conceited”.

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