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grammatical word: glare


Today I want to write about the word “glare”. It has two different meanings and can be used as both a verb and a noun. As a verb, it means to look at another person for a long time in a very angry way. For example:

Kate is dating Tina’s ex-boyfriend, so Tina was glaring at her at the party.

Why is everyone glaring at me today? Did I do something wrong?

I couldn’t stop myself from glaring at Richard at work today because he got the promotion that I wanted.

We can also use “glare” as a noun, but with a completely different meaning. The noun “glare” means an intense light that makes it difficult for a person to see. This light is often reflected from a window. For example:

I can’t see my computer screen because there’s too much glare from the window. Could you close the blind please?

If you put this sheet of film over your screen, it will cut down on any glare from the sunlight.

I always wear sunglasses outside because my eyes are sensitive to light. The glare from the sun really bothers them.

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