adjective: intense

The adjective for today is “intense”, and it is used to talk about something which is very strong and concentrated. It can be used to talk about various things such as an emotional situational, temperature, work, someone’s personality, etc. For example:

My new boss is a very intense person! He’s so serious! I don’t think he ever smiles or laughs.

I spent the winter in Calgary last year, and the cold was intense! I’d never felt so cold in my life!

The last scene in that movie where the killer was revealed was intense! I want to see it again!

I went to the gym and had a really intense workout with my trainer. I’m really tired, but I’m glad I did it.

The schedule for my tour was intense. We traveled to four different countries in Europe in one week!

Sometimes the word “intense” is used in negative ways, as in examples one and two, and sometimes it can be used in more positive ways, as in examples three and four. Example five is more neutral in tone.

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