adjective: jumpy

Today’s adjective is “jumpy”, we use it when we want to talk about people who are startled easily. If you don’t know, the verb “startle” means to cause another person to jump up in surprise and fear. For example:

I don’t like going to horror movies with my girlfriend because she’s so jumpy.

Don’t touch Betty if she has her back to you. That girl is really jumpy, and she’ll probably scream.

A: Oh my God! You scared me so much. Please knock before you enter my room.

B: Don’t be so jumpy! I just wanted to talk to you.

I used to be really jumpy as a kid, but I don’t get startled so easily anymore.

I shouldn’t drink so much coffee. It makes me jumpy.

As you can see, it’s very common to use the words “really” or “so” with this adjective.


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